Welcome, I'm Jeff Sheedy and I run this here domain. SO CLEAR OUT! Sorry about that *little* outburst. Well, now that we have the obligatory Tourette's episode out of the way, its time to get down to business. After all this is the personal section of my site. Although it's generally known I think I should start by stating that I was born at a very early age. I enjoy computers (obviously), big band, jazz, techno, a good laugh, puppies, long walks on the beac-- wait I'm getting ahead of myself. Where was I. . . oh, good food, fine computer games including; top down strategy and first person shooter/RPGs, gadgets, electronics, and stuff. I'm married to Andrea. I'm involved in a local war of 1812 re-enactment group. I drive a '02 KIA Optima. With whale-skin hubcaps and big brown baby seal eyes for hea-- oh sorry... I am currently employed by Web Design Solutions. Some of my friends have pages such as Dave (HeavyD), and Peck (click their names to visit). Well, that does it. Oh yeah, I tend to have opinions on this and that... occasionally... check out my rants here.