Part I


One day in a lab on the east side of Allen Park , Michigan there were two mice, two rats, and two guinea pigs who were under going experiments with an intelligence enhancer. One of the scientists injected each one of the animals with the fluid. After a week the scientists noticed the specimens becoming smarter. One night the rodents figured out how to escape and they did. After many years of increasing intelligence the animals became little geniuses. There were more of course because they had bred.


One day the guinea pigs went off in search of food in distant lands (the great lettuce patch). A year later, in a period of famine the mice and the rats found a piece of cheese in the road in the year 2800 and after brutal hand to hand combat they went back to their lairs and built an arsenal of artillery out of scrap metal. They went back and battled some more and built more weapons.


This kind of thing went on for a long time although at different locations around the globe. It is extremely surprising to think that this full scale war it developed into was sparked by a piece of cheese in the road.


After fifty years they took to the sky in their ongoing quest for glory. It took another fifty years for them to figure out how to stay in space without returning to earth. They stationed many space stations in the wide expansion of the universe. With the knowledge they had gone where no mouse or rat had gone before.


They spent most of their years in space, ten to be exact, before they agreed to sign a peace treaty. When they did finally sign it there were big festivities (and much rejoicing) since the war had been going on for 110 years. But the question is will the peace treaty hold up through the passage of time?


Part II


After a period of peace spanning 90 years. The year is now 3000 and as you probably guess the mice have just broken the treaty by firing on a rat cargo ship. This act created turbulence in the high council of the rats so the council decided to deploy war ships they had been keeping operational in case that this happened (as a show of strength).


Now the mice were looking for assistance to win (this fight once and for all). One day while snooping around in the galaxy they found the guinea pigs and since the mice could see that they guinea pigs were hungry they devised a plan. The plan was that they would tell the guinea pigs they were battling over the best tasting lettuce crop in the galaxy. When the mice put their plan into action the guinea pigs bought it.


Now this was not fair but who said war was fair! When rat spies heard the news they hurried back to the rat's empire that they quickly established because of the present danger.

After many years of preparation the mice, rats, and the mice's new ally met near an M-class planet. The mice had an edge on the rats because of their new ally in fact had it not been for the rat's (hasty) retreat they would have been anihilated, the rats hid behind the M-class planet. When the checked the charts they found the M-class planets name was Vulcan and on Vulcan there lived a class-5 rodent called Vulcan Rats so the rats beamed down and asked for help. The Vulcan rats said, “Yes it seems logical.” So now the battle continued until all of the councils said, “Let's try another treaty.” So they all signed except for the disgusted guinea pigs who filed a law suit and received an award of $300,000. But the difference between this treaty and the other one is that this one would last.